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June 27, 2007

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Time in
by: Yeng

Ako ang bida ngayon
(Masyado kang ambisyosa)
Wag kang kokontra kung ayaw mong masipa sa mukha
(Kung kaya, e di subukan na)
Masipa sa mukha
(Sipain din sa mukha)

Ako ang bida ngayon
(Hanggang pangarap ka na lang)
Sa porma kong artista, daig ko pa si Nora at si Vilma
(Wag ka nang umasa pa)
Si Nora at si Vilma
(Ilusyunada ka)

Ngayong gabi, ako�y titingalain
Ngayong gabi

Ako si Darna, ako ang dyosa
Ako ang talang nagniningning sa kalangitan
Ako si Wonder Woman, ako ang superstar
Akin ang sandali, ako ang reyna ng gabi

Ikaw ang bida ngayon
(Ako na nga ang bida ngayon)
Ang mga kababaihan, silaw sa iyong kagandahan

Ikay pang-Miss Universe na

[repeat Refrain and Chorus]

Hanggang kailan kaya
Ikaw si Cinderella
Hanggang kailan kaya
Hanggang kailan kaya

Alas-nuebe na, traffic pa
Kailangan ko nang magmadali
At magta-time in pa
Male-late na naman ako
Sa trabaho kong ito
Siguradong sabon ang aabutin ko
Sa aking among gwapo
Na hindi ko kayang abutin
Hanggang tingin na lamang ba ako
Sa aking Prince Charming

Malapit na, magugulat ka

[repeat Chorus]

Reyna ng gabi

Ako si Darna
Ay, cinderella pala

* trip lang hahaha.. eto ang sounds ko lately.. la lang feel ko lang mging confident.. haha.. been bz lately.. as in very bz.. kya seldom n me update and bihira n din magvisit visit.. but ill still try to catch up guys.. ^^thanks s lhat ng visit visit…


June 19, 2007

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hi its been a while,

been tryin to maximize my time looking for a part time job. Yes, a part time job, dont know wat hit me but it came to a point that my financial responsibility weighs too much this time. nkakaloka pero true.. naaning n nga ako.. s house, s sister ko.. kesa mangutang me.. the least i could do is to find a job.. unfortunately, our server admin blocked! all the job listings website.. the heck!! hayz… now wat?! oh well.. i nid to make friends with him no matter wat.. i really nid to.. to enable the sites.. or else ill be doomed..

basta part time job is wat im looking for.. a crew, tutor, or encoder anything as long as part tme lang.. sat siguro and starting 6-12mn.. ganon.. hehehe..

goodluck to me..


June 16, 2007

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its been a week since i had gone thru therapy.. shopping therapy to be specific.. d ko lam pero it jsut strike me kasi nan may naencoutner me nnmn n tao n naiinis ako.. kya iv done things that are not quite normal, Fionixe knew this. its our little secret.. nwei wat iv done is really not good.. not nice.. and ung kunsensya ko kinakatok ako.. haha.. nakakinis to bsahin nwei… ito ung cause hahaha.. ung effect… leshe kasi npgastos me ng husto last week.. naw ko lang narealize mali! mali! mali!.. hahayz…

im too emotional. lhat halos ng mga bglaang desisyon ko out of emotion. kung kelan tinopak booooomm!!! walang isip isip.. go ng go.. wawa nga ung shock absorber ko, momot, buti nalang d p din nagsasawa hahaha… naiinis lang me kasi wala p ung bills ko pero ramdam ko n ang bigat!! hahayzz…

rants rants rants.
when will i ever learn?!


June 13, 2007

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yesterday we had a training entitled “Work Attitude Transformation Program” It tackles mainly bout your attitude towards work and to ur colleagues. Unlike other training, this one is quite interesting and it never bores me at all. The fact that the speaker is damn good and im in a state where im looking for myself *hello becky where are you?!* haha i know some experienced that, feel lost? haha

And of course, we had this of activity, my fave one, the mechanics was simple you need to gather some adjectives on a box provided by the speakers. 5 Adj that describes you. So i picked this up

1. quiet
2. introvert
3. adaptable
4. modest
5. observant

yeah yeah.. im different in blogworld. Oftentimes, im shouting at eloiski and fionixe blogspace haha but for real im just a quiet person who wont get up on my chair for some reason i dont know, i just dont feel like loitering around our office.. hehehe..

ok ok now, after that we nid to tape the other side of the paper at our back then the rest of the group to put some adjectives on it. Some just write it down coz the adjectives provided by the speaker is, oh well, not enough. So this is wat they placed on my paper, adn this is how they know bout me

1. adaptable
2. idealistic
3. logical
4. clever
5. intelligent

only one similar adj for me.. ADAPTABLE. Im flattered ofcors!! hahaha but still i have this question in my mind : does it really fit me? dont feel like it though. Nwei, the training is nice and great. There are still 2 trainings left. And I wish same person will conduct the rest of the training that our company prepared for us.

thats all.
thanks for visiting guys.


June 6, 2007

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hi peeps!

iv been sick with “katam” kya leave ako work for 1day and half? nyahahahaha i spend time with my bed.. bonding kmi ng bed ko.. plus thank u s effort of my e-fan.. it makes my stay s bed worthliving.. hahaha ang drama ko!!

now at work, the first thing i open-up is my blog [ofcors..] and there iv seen the commotion.. kasi c eloi nid nya gwin ung tag 4x.. hahaha… love ko tlga yan.. prang little sisterette ko.. hahaha… 😀

then i visit fionixe.. my bnb friend.. there nkita ko ang siggy ko! wahahah and grab ko kagad then add up an additional space s blog entitled “my friendly collection” hehehehe… its in the lower part of my blog after the posts..

nevertheless i still miss eloi… nde nagparamdam ang loka ngayon ah?!! and fion ofcors.. nde din nagparamdam s ym.. cguro d8 d8 cla papa dark..

the rest of my blog friends.. been a whie since i visit ur blogs.. ill make it up to you all.. and additional lyricist… theia and sarah!! weeeeee ^^ welcome s blog ko!!

and wecome to my blog, bloghoppers!!
hope your having fun reading my non-so-impt blog entries.. hehehe


June 4, 2007

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i’ve been tag by fion ^^
thanks gurl.. tamang tama wala me maisip n update haha ndrain utak ko s designing haha

nid to name six(6) websites that i often visit.. naku mahihirapan ata me dito.. haha ok ill start with my list..

1. yahoo mail – ym is not allowed in our office.. good thing my mail beta is allowed to load a chat room so nobody can notice that im really chatting with my momot.. kasi makikita nila yahoo mail.. hehehe then hotmail to check if someone leave a comment or message s friendster ko if there’s something then ill check on my friendster account hehe..

*tatlo agad.. ^^

2. Travian my browser game..
3. Freya Boards – pra khit nde me OL updated me hahaha adik tlga me..
4. PH Online system related s work. Web Mail to check if mya email me from my boss.. hahaha alt tab ako pag nakikita ko boss ko.. pakitang tao lang to.
5. my blogworld of course to check for comments then ung blog ng lhat ng nsa list ko
6. blog skins, Photoshop tutorials, anime sites.. too many to mention sobra… hahaha

check ko p mga bookmarks ko.. hahaha nung nakita ko dami ko visit uhmm summary ko nalang.. hahaha

then i have to tag 4 persons.. tag ko c ofcors!!! ang peyborit ko c Eloiski hahaha thanks fion! u dont know how much laughter i had while doing this.. d ko kasi alam kung ano ang ilalagay ko hahaha… dami kasi!!! ^^ thanks for the tag.. ^^


June 2, 2007

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Sunny came home to her favorite room
Sunny sat down in the kitchen
She opened a book and a box of tools
Sunny came home with a mission

She says days go by I’m hypnotized
I’m walking on a wire
I close my eyes and fly out of my mind
Into the fire

Sunny came home with a list of names
She didn’t believe in transcendence
It’s time for a few small repairs she said
Sunny came home with a vengeance

She says days go by I don’t know why
I’m walking on a wire
I close my eyes and fly out of my mind
Into the fire

Get the kids and bring a sweater
Dry is good and wind is better
Count the years, you always knew it
Strike a match, go on and do it

Days go by I’m hypnotized
I’m walking on a wire
I close my eyes and fly out of my mind
Into the fire
Light the sky and hold on tight
The world is burning down
She’s out there on her own and she’s alright
Sunny came home
Sunny came home…

* emo mood