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October 5, 2007

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haler haler… im here im here!!

First : Fion tag me.. this my desktop at work..


i love anime, my wallpaper – thats from DEARS. the divx folder at my desktop contains the episodes from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.. hmmm did i get it right ba? then SHUFFLE then HE IS MY MASTER and alot more. Influenced by my dad (mot – influenced him to do blog hehe his blog still under construction). My desktop not that crowded [unlike fion multi-tasking ang loka hihi] not a busy day right now. Who im tagging…. hmmmm jake theia, len, and my dad opcors motmot

2nd : y im in wordpress? our server admin blocked the blogger site. im still in the process of getting-to-know-wordpress ^^

3rd : long time update .. aside from the 2nd fact i stated.. its been a hell of a month last september. Nag dry run n kasi ung online system n inaasikaso for almost a year kya ngarag me. Recieved lots of complains [dry run syempre]. Most of the time im pissed off by some of the users telling me stuffs that even them nde nila maintindhan. Some nattwa me. Overall, its fun pero very tiring. For this month wala me absent!! yahooo hahaha..

Fourth : im back…

take care peeps.. ^^


7 Responses to “…”

  1. Theia Says:

    Yeah, that’s my new webbie. Anyway, is that me (theia) up there? xD Mali kasi yung link, baka ibang tao. xD

  2. bechay Says:

    yup that was you.. un ung old link mo s blogspot ko ^^.. and i confirm ko lang if un n ung bago mo webbie so ill upadte my link.. hihi

  3. fionixe Says:

    uuy!!! thanks for doing the tag mama becks ! ^_______^
    weee! :mrgreen: hehe. gusto ko rin sana nung Harumi Suzumiya ~ ^_^

  4. bechay Says:

    no problem fion,… basta u ^^ hihihi… Harumi Suzumiya is a really nice anime.. i always laugh at it.. she has a very out-of-this-world character kasi.. basta try nyo panoorin.. ^^

  5. jaleesa Says:

    hi becky,

    how are you?

    i’ve already updated your new blogsite on my list. thanks for updating me.

    kadarating ko lang galing work. i was supposed to leave an hr early sana kaso things came up. kaasar! i left 10mins early so ok na din *lol*

    have a good wkend.


  6. bechay Says:

    thanks jale for the update and for the visit as well. well as for me, the day is kinda boring kasi naulan.. but im ok ^^ work tlga noh? storbo s social life.. hahaha.. joke..

    have a good wkend as well.. ^^

  7. Syntax_Err Says:

    Hey! =) cool to see someone acualy using one of my Wallpapers =))

    Best regards
    //Syntax Error

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