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8th anniversary with yeng ^^ October 24, 2007

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Last October 20 we held our 8th year anniversary at Cuneta Astrodome. Unlike last year, we need to wear a casual dress this time. The only thing we need to worry bout is the blouse or top dress so it means ^^ less gastos. Though, really tiring experience kasi we are the usherette of the event. Not until our main guest, Yeng Constantino perform on stage! Her… her… oh~ cant find words how to describe her.. basta I love her outfit, how she sing, her way of expressing herself while she perform on stage. Im really not a local artist fanatic but this gurl really rocks!! ^^




I drop the usual “straight hair” look this time, i came up with a curly hair.. ^^ aside from the fact that i dont have budget for it, for now… i wanna reminisce the time my hair kinda curly pa.. ^^the pics… nde nalang.. tma ng c yeng ang ipostko.. wahehehe..




7 Responses to “8th anniversary with yeng ^^”

  1. eloiski Says:

    oh maka-yeng constantino ka na rin pla atech! hahaha!

  2. theia Says:

    what’s the event? whoo, go yeng! nice anniversary at Cuneta. curling your hair is a good idea, i think. :]

  3. len Says:

    wow c yeng ang guest hehe ^-^ i love the way she sings ^-^ pictures ate ^-^

  4. becky Says:

    @eloi – sa wakas!!! at nagparamdam k din loka ka… wow!!! may pic… kita n kita!!! ^^ i changed my number na… TT nwei… txt kita one of these days.. my tinataguan p kasi me hahahh

    @ theia – its the 8th yr anniversary ng company.. yup i guess curly hauir for new look.. ^^

    @ len – im not really a yeng fanatic, but when i saaw her perform.. wabeee!! napatitig lang me.. haha unable to take a pic of her.. but i will try to get some s mga ka officemte ko ^^

    thanks for the visit gurls!!

  5. fionixe Says:

    ah sa company pala ~ akala ko anniv nyo ni kuya bf ~ ^_^ hehe. wee! at least masaya naman yung event. Stig noh, naarkila kayo ng artista!

  6. becky Says:

    wahahahaah astig nmn un annive nmin s cuneta.. weeee~ wish ko lng fion ^^khit ata s 5 star hotel nde p kmi nagcecelebrate.. hihihi.. tmang sm foodcourt lang hahhaha ^^

    uu hapi kasi andon yeng.. ^^

  7. eloiski Says:

    awww! text mo ko ate ah!

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