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November 1, 2007

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i love my nick – BECK. Im proud of it kasi rakista ang dating because of the band. Little did i know that the band name cam from a DOG. wahahahaha!! I watched the anime.. the soundtrack are great specially ung opening song and the moon in the water duet nila. I tried to download the song, to my dismay, the singer [i guess~] is different from the anime i watched. Ang lamig kasi ng boses nung nsa anime n napanuod ko unlike s mp3 n nakuha ko. ^^

But the anime is great, bgla ko nga namiss ang pag gigitara ~


this is the picture of the dog, HER name is BECK [imagine babae p tlga ung aso] wahahaha 😀


6 Responses to “”

  1. Misyel Says:

    wow, astig talaga ang name mo becky! inggit ako 🙂

  2. theia Says:

    oo nga, astig. :] pang rakers na banda. haha. rakenrol.

    aso? haha.

  3. fionixe Says:

    uy~ ^_^ stig yun! napanood mo na ba yung buong series?

    may na download din ako sa torrent na buong OST album nyan ~ ^_____^

  4. becky Says:

    @misyel&theia – uu astig ksi s band.. pero pag nadidikit n ung aso… wahahah… no comment n ako..~

    @fion – d ko pa natatpos… TT nde p kumpleto ung nadedekwat ko s pc ng bf ko hahaha… bout s nadownlod you.. magnda b ung voice nung s moon in the wter? kasi dun s anime n pinapnood ko lamig ng voice.. ^^

  5. fionixe Says:

    yup yup! parehong version actually, yung sa anime version at yung kumanta sa true to life ~~

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