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8th anniversary with yeng ^^ October 24, 2007

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Last October 20 we held our 8th year anniversary at Cuneta Astrodome. Unlike last year, we need to wear a casual dress this time. The only thing we need to worry bout is the blouse or top dress so it means ^^ less gastos. Though, really tiring experience kasi we are the usherette of the event. Not until our main guest, Yeng Constantino perform on stage! Her… her… oh~ cant find words how to describe her.. basta I love her outfit, how she sing, her way of expressing herself while she perform on stage. Im really not a local artist fanatic but this gurl really rocks!! ^^




I drop the usual “straight hair” look this time, i came up with a curly hair.. ^^ aside from the fact that i dont have budget for it, for now… i wanna reminisce the time my hair kinda curly pa.. ^^the pics… nde nalang.. tma ng c yeng ang ipostko.. wahehehe..




May 12, 2007

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Mother’s day

I treat my mom s grocery.. picking up anythings she like.. while me pushing the cart and following her i allowed her to pick this pick that.. shes so eager.. ofcourse tagal n bago cya nkpaggrocery ng ganon.. and im happy i gave her the privelege again.. though my head is aching with the amount of the grocery she had.. wooooooaaahh!! nalula ako actually.. but the heck.. once a yr lang naman un.. s pasko n uli hahaha.. and mmya paguwi ko buy ako ng mangga and try to make graham!! for the meantime hold that thought kasi.. while doing this post im talking to fion bout web hosting.. and bow ako s knya at s mga kasama nya.. as in bow!! Hail Fionixe and the rest of the gang!!

lunch muna..