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November 1, 2007

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i love my nick – BECK. Im proud of it kasi rakista ang dating because of the band. Little did i know that the band name cam from a DOG. wahahahaha!! I watched the anime.. the soundtrack are great specially ung opening song and the moon in the water duet nila. I tried to download the song, to my dismay, the singer [i guess~] is different from the anime i watched. Ang lamig kasi ng boses nung nsa anime n napanuod ko unlike s mp3 n nakuha ko. ^^

But the anime is great, bgla ko nga namiss ang pag gigitara ~


this is the picture of the dog, HER name is BECK [imagine babae p tlga ung aso] wahahaha 😀


August 23, 2007

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Champagne Supernova by Oasis.
– i heard this song last week while playing my fave online game. and i fell inlove with the song. the fact that one of my fave band sang it. unfortunately, i remmber a certain person once told me that this song is intended for weeders *drug addict*. but im not sure yet if this was the song she mentioned *memory gap?! hahaha* nwei.. so i browse a bit and they did mention.. this song are for those who use drugs and the word “cannonball” used in smoking weed. *darn!

There are lot of songs n nagkakaroon ng second meaning. Dont know if intention ng writers or masyado lang malikot ang imahinasyon ng mga critics. Like one song from KAMIKAZEE entitled “DARNA” have u ever thought that the line “Sa likod ng mga tala, khit sulyap lang darna” have a bold meaning? “Sa likod ng mga tala” – talking bout her underwear.. with big stars right? hmmm a friend told this to me too.. but that never came to my mind hahaha..

Another was, Push by Matchbox. Db naissue din yan? n bold dn daw ung drive ng kanta. Rated daw. Napaka-Literal noh? hahaha hmm What else.. ung song ng Eraserheads “Alapaap” sabi nila for drug users din.

Though this songs are really great, critics never fail to influence some of the listeners. Pero kugn avid fan k tlga ng band or singer this wont affect you khit konti. Tuloy ako rakrakan..


August 7, 2007

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This morning before i go to work, i’v wathced “Unang Hirit” and they featured the top 10 rock bands. Ofcourse, theres parokya ni edgar (4th), sugarfree (3rd), bamboo (2nd) and kamikazee (1st). yohoooo!! ^^

Kamikazee is indeed on its way to the top. From guestings in bar, to featured band in Ragnarok Online gimiks, finally they’ve been recognized as one of the hottest band in town. Now, u can see them on TV shows such as ASAP, SOP etc and in some of the sitcoms on air.. hahaha i just love the guys and their songs the humor and such..

Nah just feel like talking bout them. ^^