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notes n moods of bechay November 19, 2007

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hi guys..

please update your links once a gain.. im at

sorry for the chagnes AGAIN..

see you there 😀


miss province ~ November 8, 2007

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last november 2 we went to cavite. dun kmi nag celebrate ng all souls day.

drinking, singing.

looking at the view papunta s cavite nalibang na me. it is then that i realize how i missed the provincial scenery. tpos napnsin ko din n ung color ng langit starts with a dark blue till mag light blue.. till mag white till mag gray[hahaha kasi polluted n s bandang baba eh].. then the clouds lighten up my feeling. i feel good looking at it tlga. trip ko kasi un tumingin s stars s gabi at s clouds.. babaw noh? pero thru that nakakapgunwind ako.

funny, tuwang tuwa ako nung nakakita me ng kalabaw [wahahaha weird]
tgal ko n kasi nde nakakuwi ng province. another weird thing is ung makakita
k ng two trees in a middle of a farm. tpos ung trees n un ang lago lago ng mga dahon. ^^

i just miss it..

i need a break i guess… ^^



November 1, 2007

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i love my nick – BECK. Im proud of it kasi rakista ang dating because of the band. Little did i know that the band name cam from a DOG. wahahahaha!! I watched the anime.. the soundtrack are great specially ung opening song and the moon in the water duet nila. I tried to download the song, to my dismay, the singer [i guess~] is different from the anime i watched. Ang lamig kasi ng boses nung nsa anime n napanuod ko unlike s mp3 n nakuha ko. ^^

But the anime is great, bgla ko nga namiss ang pag gigitara ~


this is the picture of the dog, HER name is BECK [imagine babae p tlga ung aso] wahahaha 😀


independent scenario October 10, 2007

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My independent drama, went out well, they prepared breakfast and baon for me. sweet noh? though there are times na i feel a little awkward kasi i dont know WHAT should i do. I had a little chitchat with tetet (the auditor), we are working on the same vicinity (ortigas) though nde nmin alam ung place ng work ng isat isa. hard to explain the exact location ng building nmin kasi like me, nde din cya ganon kapamilyar s ortigas. We had a little laughs, and i hope ma extend ko un to the rest of the gurls. Still im adjusting. But i hope mgging ok din ang lahat.

another thing, if you guys would like to make some mind stretch try this :

Mind Stretch

I got the link from my Manager and good thing i got A+. 😀
i did bad in fraction though, nag IDK ako agad.. Try it ^^ it will be fun.


new place October 8, 2007

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elo philippines! [*iba ang drama ko ngayon]

ok ok… ill be starting a new life now. I found a place near guadalupe mrt station. ive decided to have an independent life. opcors im old enuf for this. thres a big difference from before, kxe, emotionally i am really ready. kxe dati ung mga plan ko na magboard is out of ”emotion” lang kya after a week or two nagbbgo ako ng desisyon.

iv packed my things. one week dress muna kasi need ko work work. what happen khapon? cry cry muna with my mom hahaha. i will surely miss my mom. so now, bwal n absent at late. this time it will be different. pero excited ako and im proud of my decision.

hmmm kaw? living with parents ba? or independent? ano kya mga possible n mangyayari now that ill be having an independent life?  any ideas? ^^

[*sna may sumagot wahahaha]


October 5, 2007

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haler haler… im here im here!!

First : Fion tag me.. this my desktop at work..


i love anime, my wallpaper – thats from DEARS. the divx folder at my desktop contains the episodes from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.. hmmm did i get it right ba? then SHUFFLE then HE IS MY MASTER and alot more. Influenced by my dad (mot – influenced him to do blog hehe his blog still under construction). My desktop not that crowded [unlike fion multi-tasking ang loka hihi] not a busy day right now. Who im tagging…. hmmmm jake theia, len, and my dad opcors motmot

2nd : y im in wordpress? our server admin blocked the blogger site. im still in the process of getting-to-know-wordpress ^^

3rd : long time update .. aside from the 2nd fact i stated.. its been a hell of a month last september. Nag dry run n kasi ung online system n inaasikaso for almost a year kya ngarag me. Recieved lots of complains [dry run syempre]. Most of the time im pissed off by some of the users telling me stuffs that even them nde nila maintindhan. Some nattwa me. Overall, its fun pero very tiring. For this month wala me absent!! yahooo hahaha..

Fourth : im back…

take care peeps.. ^^


June 27, 2007

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Time in
by: Yeng

Ako ang bida ngayon
(Masyado kang ambisyosa)
Wag kang kokontra kung ayaw mong masipa sa mukha
(Kung kaya, e di subukan na)
Masipa sa mukha
(Sipain din sa mukha)

Ako ang bida ngayon
(Hanggang pangarap ka na lang)
Sa porma kong artista, daig ko pa si Nora at si Vilma
(Wag ka nang umasa pa)
Si Nora at si Vilma
(Ilusyunada ka)

Ngayong gabi, ako�y titingalain
Ngayong gabi

Ako si Darna, ako ang dyosa
Ako ang talang nagniningning sa kalangitan
Ako si Wonder Woman, ako ang superstar
Akin ang sandali, ako ang reyna ng gabi

Ikaw ang bida ngayon
(Ako na nga ang bida ngayon)
Ang mga kababaihan, silaw sa iyong kagandahan

Ikay pang-Miss Universe na

[repeat Refrain and Chorus]

Hanggang kailan kaya
Ikaw si Cinderella
Hanggang kailan kaya
Hanggang kailan kaya

Alas-nuebe na, traffic pa
Kailangan ko nang magmadali
At magta-time in pa
Male-late na naman ako
Sa trabaho kong ito
Siguradong sabon ang aabutin ko
Sa aking among gwapo
Na hindi ko kayang abutin
Hanggang tingin na lamang ba ako
Sa aking Prince Charming

Malapit na, magugulat ka

[repeat Chorus]

Reyna ng gabi

Ako si Darna
Ay, cinderella pala

* trip lang hahaha.. eto ang sounds ko lately.. la lang feel ko lang mging confident.. haha.. been bz lately.. as in very bz.. kya seldom n me update and bihira n din magvisit visit.. but ill still try to catch up guys.. ^^thanks s lhat ng visit visit…