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8th anniversary with yeng ^^ October 24, 2007

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Last October 20 we held our 8th year anniversary at Cuneta Astrodome. Unlike last year, we need to wear a casual dress this time. The only thing we need to worry bout is the blouse or top dress so it means ^^ less gastos. Though, really tiring experience kasi we are the usherette of the event. Not until our main guest, Yeng Constantino perform on stage! Her… her… oh~ cant find words how to describe her.. basta I love her outfit, how she sing, her way of expressing herself while she perform on stage. Im really not a local artist fanatic but this gurl really rocks!! ^^




I drop the usual “straight hair” look this time, i came up with a curly hair.. ^^ aside from the fact that i dont have budget for it, for now… i wanna reminisce the time my hair kinda curly pa.. ^^the pics… nde nalang.. tma ng c yeng ang ipostko.. wahehehe..




October 5, 2007

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haler haler… im here im here!!

First : Fion tag me.. this my desktop at work..


i love anime, my wallpaper – thats from DEARS. the divx folder at my desktop contains the episodes from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.. hmmm did i get it right ba? then SHUFFLE then HE IS MY MASTER and alot more. Influenced by my dad (mot – influenced him to do blog hehe his blog still under construction). My desktop not that crowded [unlike fion multi-tasking ang loka hihi] not a busy day right now. Who im tagging…. hmmmm jake theia, len, and my dad opcors motmot

2nd : y im in wordpress? our server admin blocked the blogger site. im still in the process of getting-to-know-wordpress ^^

3rd : long time update .. aside from the 2nd fact i stated.. its been a hell of a month last september. Nag dry run n kasi ung online system n inaasikaso for almost a year kya ngarag me. Recieved lots of complains [dry run syempre]. Most of the time im pissed off by some of the users telling me stuffs that even them nde nila maintindhan. Some nattwa me. Overall, its fun pero very tiring. For this month wala me absent!! yahooo hahaha..

Fourth : im back…

take care peeps.. ^^


July 17, 2007

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pagkalipas ng ilang araw, sa wakas nakapag-blog na ulit ako. yahooo. tagal ko din nawala. nung bumisita ako kay fionixe, natulala me at nagulumihanan s kdahilanang ang dami ng post ng babaeng to! ibig sabihin matagal n talga ako nawala.

dami ko pinagkaabalahan nitong nakaraang araw, una ung pagtraining ng Online System nmin. May mga nagwala kasi hindi cla pabor s ilang patakaran na isinalang ng Head Office. Ang ilan natuwa, kasi sa wakas mababawasan ung trabaho nila. Pero ako, napagod kasi nging runner ako.. taga-takbo ba. Pag nakita kong mali ung menu na sinalang ng pakner ko, tatakbo ako sa department namin para baguhin ung setting. Madalas nging Chairman of the Board ako, taga-sulat baga. Taga-sulat ng contact mails namin, kung saka sakaling madaming katanungan ang bumabagabag sa mga gagamit ng system.

isa pa sa mga pinagkaabalahan ko ay ang new lay-out ng website namin. tinatapos ko ito ngayong araw, kasi parang may kulang eh. nwei, ang ginagawa ko site hopping pra mahanap ko ang hinahanap ko at para mapunan ko ang kulang sa dinidesign ko.

un lang naman ang mga bago sa aking buhay. sa katunayan, mga luma na nga yan, mga luma n nde ko matapos tapos.


June 19, 2007

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hi its been a while,

been tryin to maximize my time looking for a part time job. Yes, a part time job, dont know wat hit me but it came to a point that my financial responsibility weighs too much this time. nkakaloka pero true.. naaning n nga ako.. s house, s sister ko.. kesa mangutang me.. the least i could do is to find a job.. unfortunately, our server admin blocked! all the job listings website.. the heck!! hayz… now wat?! oh well.. i nid to make friends with him no matter wat.. i really nid to.. to enable the sites.. or else ill be doomed..

basta part time job is wat im looking for.. a crew, tutor, or encoder anything as long as part tme lang.. sat siguro and starting 6-12mn.. ganon.. hehehe..

goodluck to me..


June 13, 2007

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yesterday we had a training entitled “Work Attitude Transformation Program” It tackles mainly bout your attitude towards work and to ur colleagues. Unlike other training, this one is quite interesting and it never bores me at all. The fact that the speaker is damn good and im in a state where im looking for myself *hello becky where are you?!* haha i know some experienced that, feel lost? haha

And of course, we had this of activity, my fave one, the mechanics was simple you need to gather some adjectives on a box provided by the speakers. 5 Adj that describes you. So i picked this up

1. quiet
2. introvert
3. adaptable
4. modest
5. observant

yeah yeah.. im different in blogworld. Oftentimes, im shouting at eloiski and fionixe blogspace haha but for real im just a quiet person who wont get up on my chair for some reason i dont know, i just dont feel like loitering around our office.. hehehe..

ok ok now, after that we nid to tape the other side of the paper at our back then the rest of the group to put some adjectives on it. Some just write it down coz the adjectives provided by the speaker is, oh well, not enough. So this is wat they placed on my paper, adn this is how they know bout me

1. adaptable
2. idealistic
3. logical
4. clever
5. intelligent

only one similar adj for me.. ADAPTABLE. Im flattered ofcors!! hahaha but still i have this question in my mind : does it really fit me? dont feel like it though. Nwei, the training is nice and great. There are still 2 trainings left. And I wish same person will conduct the rest of the training that our company prepared for us.

thats all.
thanks for visiting guys.


May 12, 2007

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Mother’s day

I treat my mom s grocery.. picking up anythings she like.. while me pushing the cart and following her i allowed her to pick this pick that.. shes so eager.. ofcourse tagal n bago cya nkpaggrocery ng ganon.. and im happy i gave her the privelege again.. though my head is aching with the amount of the grocery she had.. wooooooaaahh!! nalula ako actually.. but the heck.. once a yr lang naman un.. s pasko n uli hahaha.. and mmya paguwi ko buy ako ng mangga and try to make graham!! for the meantime hold that thought kasi.. while doing this post im talking to fion bout web hosting.. and bow ako s knya at s mga kasama nya.. as in bow!! Hail Fionixe and the rest of the gang!!

lunch muna..


May 9, 2007

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ok.. raining season n ata.. and yet our company decided to held our summer outing (*grr) where? at Rose Gold Calatagan Batangas. I did some research regarding the resort and got a not-so-good feedback bout it. Some info are quite interesting kasi ung place daw is ok if you nid to unwind. All that matter to me is the nature and the sunset. Though most of them said “nde maganda” the heck i should try it tutal wala namn mwawala skin.. and im with a couple of friends.. try nmin to check out the beauty of that place..

Question: for those who are familiar of domains, the case is.. The domain under Mr. Juan expired and now is there a way for him to retain the domain and transfer the account to a different user? kasi nde n maccess ung mga emails under that domain eh.. and thats wat we are trying to hold back.. anybody?